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After being an Android fan for the past 6 years, I have finally made the switch to an iPhone. While Android and iPhone apps are mostly the same, I couldn’t figure out which free Twitter would work best. I used TweetDeck on my Sidekick 4G and absolutely loved it. I loved the push notifications and the simplicity of the layout. I have searched all over the web to find the perfect Twitter app for the iPhone and decided… why hasn’t someone already done this? I have made a list of reviews of the top Twitter clients on the iPhone.


Twitter, Inc.

This is Twitter’s own app they created for the iPhone that I first started using when I got my iPhone. It’s okay but I couldn’t seem to get the notifications to pop up in my notification bar which is a little frustrating.

Design & Layout: 10/10

Push Notification: 4/10

Ads: 7/10

Overall: 8/10



Again, I used this on my Sidekick and loved it. I love the design, the notification options and the ability to use multiple accounts very easily. The iPhone app is lacking quite a bit… enough to say I probably won’t be using this app now that I have an iPhone. Even though it doesn’t have any ads that I have seen so far, it lacks utilizing the full size of the new iPhone 5 screen and doesn’t have options for notifications. Feels like there is something missing. I would love for the developers to work on this and to give it another shot in the future.

Design & Layout: 10/10

Push Notification: 0/10

Ads: 10/10

Overall: 6/10



Similar in appearance to Tweetdeck, Twitterific is very user friendly and is a very smooth working app.  It does have a large square add on the top but is made to look like a tweet in your timeline so it isn’t as jarring to the eye. I hate the green color bar at the top of the compose window – why that color? Maybe I’m being picky but it seems a lot of elements were thrown together without much thought on design. It has my favorite hompage of all the Twitter apps where you can view trending tops, mentions, directs and lists and search Twitter.

Design & Layout: 8/10

Push Notification: 8/10

Ads: 6/10

Overall: 5/10



Has the ad bar at the bottom near the home, direct and mention buttons. The ads are quite ugly and not integrated into the app well in my opinion. Very easy and user friendly. Can tweet from multiple accounts very easily which is a nice feature.


Design & Layout: 8/10

Push Notification: 0/10

Ads: 4/10

Overall: 7/10



It has the ad bar in the same place as TweetCaster which is not my favorite. This is a powerful app if you would like all of your updates in the same place from FourSquare, Facebook and Twitter. I like having them separate and in their own individual apps, it’s just preference I suppose!


Design & Layout: 9/10

Push Notification: 0/10

Ads: 8/10

Overall: 7/10



I have created a tutorial on how to write a blog post on Blogger and then how to easily share this with the world 🙂

Let’s begin…

1) Log in to

2) After you log in, you will see your ‘home screen.’ Start by clicking on the orange rectangle with the pencil type shape on it. This will allow you to write a new blog post.

3) After you click on the orange rectangle to create a new blog post, it will take you to a new screen where you can compose your post. This is what it will look like:
4) Now I have written my blog post but I really want to express my point with a picture. Uploading a picture is easy! Simply click on the little photo icon next to the word ‘Link’ in the toolbar. This will bring up a window where you can select the image from your computer and then select ‘Add Selected.’ (Steps displayed below)

5) The picture will now be posted into your blog post. Blogger automatically places the picture at the top of your blog post, so I recommend adding the pictures first and then typing in your text.

6) After you have written your blog post and added your photos, it is not time to post and share! Simply click the orange ‘Publish’ square above the toolbar. This will post your blog onto the interwebs!

7) To share this with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers, you simply find the permanent URL for that blog post and copy and paste that onto update your Twitter and Facebook.

8) To find the permanent URL, go to the blog post dashboard and hover over the post you want to get the link from. Click ‘View’ under the blog title.
9) That will take you to your blog post, where you then will find the time stamp on the blog. It is usually placed at the very beginning or end of the post.
10) After clicking the time stamp, copy and paste the URL. You can now paste that unique URL on your Facebook and Twitter to update your friends on the latest news!

You have now successfully completed a blog post and shared it with your Facebook and Twitter followers! Congratulations!

If you’re having trouble with your computer and you are having a hard time getting your son or daughter to understand? With Log Me In, your child can create an account for free which will then allow them to access your computer and fix the issues no matter where they are as long as they have an Internet connection. For all of that to happen, you must first install LogMeIn on your computer. Following are simple steps to install the program on a Macintosh computer. (Because they are the best!)

Start by going to

You will see an area to login on the right hand of the screen. Your son or daughter should provide you with their account credentials. Once you have typed them in, click “Log Me In.”

Next, you will see a screen with the computer linked to the account. If they have never set up Log Me In with another computer, you will not see any other computers. On this screen you will see a blue rectangle that says “Add Computer.” Click on that to start the process of adding your computer.
After you click “Add Computer,” the next screen will display your options when downloading Log Me In. I would suggest having your screen mimic the screen shot below. I selected LogMeIn free and deselected the free trial of LogMeIn Pro.  After you click continue, it will bring up a screen to download LogMeIn. This screen also explains how to install the program once it has finished downloading. Start the download by clicking the green rectangle “Download Now.”
Depending on your browser, it will come up in a download window where you can see it’s progress. The program will only take a few seconds to download depending on your Internet speed. Once completed, you can either double click the item in the download window that pops up or you can go to your Downloads folder. An easy way to find this is on the dock near the trash can (displayed below).

Hopefully that looks familiar and you can find it quickly! If you have an older OS, you can also find this by going to your Finder window and clicking on Downloads.

When you go into downloads, click the .dmg file and it should extract in the downloads folder. Click the extracted file which should look like a box. (featured in the above photo.)

When you double click to open the box, the install guide should open and look like this:
Click “Continue” or “Next” as promoted and agree to the terms of service. Click “Install when it comes up. The installation process window should look like this:
After that finishes installing, you should see the summary window telling you it has completed successfully.
Congratulations! You just downloaded LogMeIn and can now call your kids to fix all your computer needs! 🙂

Remember – your computer must be turned on and connected to the Internet for your children to access it.

Have fun!

This is a tutorial on how to upload pictures to Facebook. It’s quite simple and you will enjoy sharing memories and pictures with your friends and family!

1. First start by going to and logging in.

2. Once you are logged in, you are brought to the home screen. On the left of the screen you will see your default picture and your name. Click your name to view your profile. This can also be done by clicking “Profile” on the top right of the screen, shown below. (Note, I erased my last name because the Interwebs can be a scary place!)

3.  You are now viewing your profile. Click on “Photos” located under your Profile Picture, shown below.

4.  After you selected the “Photos” link, you will see all the pictures you have uploaded to Facebook or that your friends have tagged you in.
In the right top corner, you will see the grey rectangle that says “+Upload Photos.”

5.  After clicking “+Upload Photos,” a box will pop up asking you to select the photos you want to share. Click the blue rectangle that says “Select Photos.”

6.  Since you have an Apple computer, it will bring up your finder window for you to locate where the pictures are stored on your computer. Most likely they are stored in a pictures or documents folder. As a tip, you can select more than one photo at a time if you hold down the ‘command’ button that also has a four-leafed clover type look to it. Hold that down while clicking each picture and then press “Open.” I demonstrated below how I selected a photo and it turned grey, then I clicked “Open.”

7.  After you click open, it should start uploading your pictures to Facebook. Depending on how many photos and the size of them, this could take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. The upload window gives you options to title the album and select the privacy of the pictures. The window will look like this:

8.  I titled my photo album “Old School” as I was uploading a picture from many many years ago. You can title it anything relative, like a vacation place, event or month of the pictures. You also see where it says “Share album with,” which gives you the options to make your pictures private to just your friends or make them public to everyone. Choose your selection and then click “Create Album.” When it’s all done you will see your photos uploaded into an album on Facebook for all of your friends to view!