I have created a tutorial on how to write a blog post on Blogger and then how to easily share this with the world 🙂

Let’s begin…

1) Log in to Blogger.com

2) After you log in, you will see your ‘home screen.’ Start by clicking on the orange rectangle with the pencil type shape on it. This will allow you to write a new blog post.

3) After you click on the orange rectangle to create a new blog post, it will take you to a new screen where you can compose your post. This is what it will look like:
4) Now I have written my blog post but I really want to express my point with a picture. Uploading a picture is easy! Simply click on the little photo icon next to the word ‘Link’ in the toolbar. This will bring up a window where you can select the image from your computer and then select ‘Add Selected.’ (Steps displayed below)

5) The picture will now be posted into your blog post. Blogger automatically places the picture at the top of your blog post, so I recommend adding the pictures first and then typing in your text.

6) After you have written your blog post and added your photos, it is not time to post and share! Simply click the orange ‘Publish’ square above the toolbar. This will post your blog onto the interwebs!

7) To share this with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers, you simply find the permanent URL for that blog post and copy and paste that onto update your Twitter and Facebook.

8) To find the permanent URL, go to the blog post dashboard and hover over the post you want to get the link from. Click ‘View’ under the blog title.
9) That will take you to your blog post, where you then will find the time stamp on the blog. It is usually placed at the very beginning or end of the post.
10) After clicking the time stamp, copy and paste the URL. You can now paste that unique URL on your Facebook and Twitter to update your friends on the latest news!

You have now successfully completed a blog post and shared it with your Facebook and Twitter followers! Congratulations!