This is a tutorial on how to upload pictures to Facebook. It’s quite simple and you will enjoy sharing memories and pictures with your friends and family!

1. First start by going to and logging in.

2. Once you are logged in, you are brought to the home screen. On the left of the screen you will see your default picture and your name. Click your name to view your profile. This can also be done by clicking “Profile” on the top right of the screen, shown below. (Note, I erased my last name because the Interwebs can be a scary place!)

3.  You are now viewing your profile. Click on “Photos” located under your Profile Picture, shown below.

4.  After you selected the “Photos” link, you will see all the pictures you have uploaded to Facebook or that your friends have tagged you in.
In the right top corner, you will see the grey rectangle that says “+Upload Photos.”

5.  After clicking “+Upload Photos,” a box will pop up asking you to select the photos you want to share. Click the blue rectangle that says “Select Photos.”

6.  Since you have an Apple computer, it will bring up your finder window for you to locate where the pictures are stored on your computer. Most likely they are stored in a pictures or documents folder. As a tip, you can select more than one photo at a time if you hold down the ‘command’ button that also has a four-leafed clover type look to it. Hold that down while clicking each picture and then press “Open.” I demonstrated below how I selected a photo and it turned grey, then I clicked “Open.”

7.  After you click open, it should start uploading your pictures to Facebook. Depending on how many photos and the size of them, this could take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. The upload window gives you options to title the album and select the privacy of the pictures. The window will look like this:

8.  I titled my photo album “Old School” as I was uploading a picture from many many years ago. You can title it anything relative, like a vacation place, event or month of the pictures. You also see where it says “Share album with,” which gives you the options to make your pictures private to just your friends or make them public to everyone. Choose your selection and then click “Create Album.” When it’s all done you will see your photos uploaded into an album on Facebook for all of your friends to view!